Villagers Recognitions

Let's meet on earth before we leave for heaven.
This page was last updated on: July 13, 2017
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Choral Group
Past Memories

The following is the list of Honorees who were recognized formally and directly:

Mr. Eric Alexander
Mrs. Ivy Bynoe
Mrs. Agatha Phillips-Cropper
Mrs. Rosalie Davis
Mrs. Edna Dougan,
Mrs. Verdine Cato-Gurley
Ms. Vernice Haynes,
Mr. Charles Hercules,
The Rev'd Canon A. Hoskins Huggins
Mrs. Gwendolyn Jack,
Mrs. Inez Mandeville,
Mrs. Beatrice Noel,
Mr. Clement Noel,
Ms. Marie Prince,
Ms. Azucena Williams,
Mrs. Grace Young
The Faithful Departed:

Mr. Joshua Andrews  [ Villager Mentor]
Mr. Vibert Andrews  [Villager]
Mr. Joseph Arthur  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Clementine Arthur  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Sonny Arthur  [Villager Mentor]
Mrs. Rosamond Bascombe  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Maureen (Gurley) Blaize
The Rev. Arthur O. Castlor  [Priest]
The Honorable Milton Cato  [Prime Minister]
Mr. Arthur Clouden  [Villager]
Mr. Robert Clouden  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Tessel Clouden  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Basil Creese  [Villager]
Mr. Volney Cumberbatch [Villager]
Mr. Franklyn Davis  [Villager]
Mrs. Evelyn Dougan  [Village Mentor]
Mr. George Dougan  [Village Mentor]
Mr. John Dougan  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Maurice Dougan  [Village Mentor]
The Rev. James R. A. Dunn  [Priest]
Ms. Gertie Edwards  [Sunday School Teacher],
Mr. Casper (Cassie) Evans  [Village Mentor]
Mrs Miriam (Mirie) Evans  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Tenita (Meme/Nita) [Andrews] Evans  (Villager)
Mr. Claudon Fraser  [Villager]
Ms. Harriet Glasgow  [Nurse]
Mr. Arthur Walter Grant  [Teacher]
Mr. C. V. D. Hadley  [Teacher]
Mrs. Gladys Hadley  [Teacher]
Mrs. Beryl Haynes
Mr. Theophilus Haynes
Mr. Douglas Huggins  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Hobbs Huggins  [Politician]
Mrs. Agatha Hunte  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Talbot Isaacs  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Estelita Isaacs  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Herbert Jack  [Teacher]
Mrs. Olive Job
Mrs. Gertrude Jones  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Leroy Jones  [Villager]
Mrs. Emily Joshua  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Samuel Joshua  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Noel (Shines) King  [Villager]
Nurse King [Village Mentor]
The Rev. Cyril V. Lewis  [Teacher & Priest]
Mr. Weston Lewis  [Organist]
Mr. Terry Mapp
Mrs. Beryl Marksman  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Wilmoth McBarnett  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Edith (Mitchell) McLeish  [Villager]
Mr. Bill Mitchell
Mrs. Nita Mitchell  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Cynthia Pemberton Nurse  [Teacher]
Fr. Michael Odlum  [Priest]
Fr. Francis Ogden  [Priest]
Mrs. Beryl Oliver  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Eric Oliver  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Iney Oliver  [Village Mentor]
Ms. Pearl Oliver  [Villager]
Ms. Nesta Paynter  [Villager]
Mrs. Anita (Gurley) Perch  [Villager]
Ms. Christina Peters  [Village Mentor]
Ms. Phoebe Peters  [Villager]
Mr. Charles Phills  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Eloise (Walker) Phills  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Eloise (Gonsalves) Phills  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Fred Phills  [Village Mentor]
Mr. John Phills  [Village Mentor]
Ms. Iso Pemberton  [Piano Teacher]
Mr. Pemberton  [Walcott and Sheila's Father]
Mrs. Pemberton  [Walcott and Sheila's Mother]
Mr. Alban Radix  [Scout Master]
Mrs. Eileen Radix  [Teacher & Ranger Leader],
Mr. Edgerton (Edgie) Richards  [Publisher & Politician]
Mr.Chester  Richards  [Mak's Father]
Mrs. Emene Richards  [Mak's Mother]
Mrs. Eileen Robinson  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Walden Ryan  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Evan Samuel  [Village Mentor]
Mrs. Beryl Stephens  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Eardley Stephens  [Villager]
Mr. George Stephens  [Teacher & LayReader]
Mr. Vibert Stephens  [Villager]
Mrs. Christine Stephens Tannis
The Honorable Hudson Tannis  [Political Minister]
Mrs. Edith Toney   [Village Mentor]
Mr. Hubert Toney  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Daniel Williams  (Wade's Dad) [Village Mentor]
Mr. Conrad Williams  [Village Mentor]
Mrs Veronica (Vero) Arthur-Williams  [Village Mentor]
Mr. Evansley (Steele) Wyllie  [Villager]