RathoMill Memoirs

Let's meet on earth before we leave for heaven.
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Many thanks to Robert Young in SVG for these wonderful pictures.
This picture brings back marvellous memories.  It is amazing that this mango tree is still flourishing as magnificently as it looks.  This is G P Dougan's mango tree.  The Villagers congregated under this mango tree on numerous occasions for outstanding debates, haircuts and gossip.

The historic building above although enhanced over the years, is a home of bliss.  One can recall Mrs Dougan's Saturday Soup, black pudding, Villagers parties and much more.
This is the famous Stephens residence at RathoMill (Rutland Cottage).  This residence served as the hub and catalyst for the Villagers activities.  The majority of the Villagers' parties were held here.  Father and Mother Ste and their children were the most unselfish individuals in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
This is Uncle Radix and Teen's Gazebo.  This was another stomping ground for the Villagers.
The following poem first appeared in the Girl's High School Magazine in 1964. The Girls' High School is located in Kingstown, St. Vincent, West Indies.
Thou beauty spot of our isle,
The home of joy and peace and toil,
How pleasant 'tis to see thee lie
Still, at dawn, and hear the cry
Of the birds--"Hello! Hello!" they seem to say,
"'Tis time to get up and greet the new day."
Then all is busy along thy streets.
Ah! the towering palm trees along thy beaches
And the refreshing sea-breeze--forth it gushes
To all...the trees freshly laden with fruit.
The beautiful flowers, the bees, a young lamb bleats--
The blue sky, the green grass, all seem to suit.
Sweet Ratho Mill, shall I leave thee?
No! Thou art too dear to me.

                                                                  CHERYL  A. PHILLS
                                                                   A Sonnet
Memories of Carenage, otherwise known as Canash
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