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Past Memories

Let's meet on earth before we leave for heaven.
This page was last updated on: July 11, 2017
Current Status:

An initial draft of the Villagers' publication is well on the way.  There are about 300 pages of documentation with pictures completed for the following areas:
1.    Ramblings of a Villager  - An Introduction to the story of
      the Villagers,
2.   Tales of Uncle's Cars,
3.   Tales of the Mango Trees,
4.   Scout Master Extraordinaire,
5.   Memorable Sayings by Uncle,
6.   The Calliaqua Girl Guides,
7.   Strong Religious Affiliations,
8.   The Stephens' Residence - Home of the Villagers,
9.   Beach Times.
10.  The Cycle Era
11.  Mock Trial of a Villager
12.  The Goat Joke
13.  Memories of the Village Reunion 2005
Please provide your Villagers' Memoirs and experiences to me via email. haphills@aol.com
Thank You
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