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The following is an article about the Villagers Reunion written by Carmilita Jameison of the Vincentian Newspaper.  The article was published on Friday July 8, 2005.

After more than 40 years, the members of "The Villagers" were able to reunite as a group.  They gathered for the first official reunion of "The Villagers" on Sunday afternoon last, for a Church Service at the St. Paul's Anglican Church in Calliaqua.

The church service marked the opening of a week of reunion activities (July 3 to July 9).
In an interview with Artie Phills, one of the founding members of "The Villagers", he explained: The Villagers was a group of young men and women from the communities of Calliaqua, Ratho Mill, Villa and other surrounding areas of the 1960's.

"The Villagers" was mainly a social grouping with most members having a high school education at that time, but who also participated in many community activities in the country.  They were active members of the renowned Boy Scouts' and Girl Guides' Troops in Calliaqua.  The male "Villagers" are remembered for their regular gathering at the Calliaqua Bay side to play cricket and football.

Even though partying was one of the hallmarks of the Villagers, they were also well-known for their academic achievements.  Many became Doctors, Professors, Engineers, Lawyers, Politicians, Writers and Business Managers in various fields.  "We had a lot of fun, but we also excelled".  Phills remarked, noting that none of its members had any problem with the law and they enjoyed clean fun." 

Asked what advise he can give to young people today so that they too can enjoy themselves but still excel academically:  "They need to bond very closely to peers and family members, focus on education and try to be leaders in their communities."  He noted the importance of passing aspects of the "Villagers" traditions to the younger generations since many of the Villagers were now parents and grand parents.  He said that their children are already following in their footsteps, and the reunion would give them a further insight and understanding of the "Villagers" traditions.

Some of the foundation members of the Villagers include Rev. Ulric Jones, Joel Toney, Cheryl King, Mac Richards and Artie Phills, all residing in the United States.  Wade Williams in Canada, Wavell Dougan and Lenus Evans domiciled in England.  Some of the Villagers who still reside in SVG are, Dr. Bertram Stephens, Dr. Hughes Dougan, Hally Dougan, Alma Dougan, Irene Hadaway, Irwin Jack and Robert Young.

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