Let's meet on earth before we leave for heaven.
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Hi Villagers and Associates,

It is amazing how quickly time goes, especially when you are having fun.  I hope that almost everyone has returned home safely after an excellent reunion.  I know that some folks are staying longer in SVG, some through August.

Let me thank the planning team for its hard work in planning and organizing the events, and let me join with the planning team to thank you all for participating.  I know that the Villagettes (the younger generation) had a superb time. With all their energy, maybe they will plan the next reunion.

As Joel Toney said, "We had a great time which will remain in our memories for a long time", and Dr. Baldwin King reiterated that "This is the Life".

We urge you to submit your sentiments in writing via the Guestbook on the website or via email to me at  We will use your input in the Villagers Memoirs (Book) in which we are capturing the Village experiences.

Also, do not forget to send me selected copies of your digital pictures as jpeg files for incorporation into the website.  I have updated the website partially, and I have added an Events Evaluation page, which I recommend that you visit and complete.  This information will be useful in the future.

I have just finished looking at the video tape I made of the reunion activities. What a wonderful tape.  It was truly an historic and a very wonderful event.
Can we start over the reunion?

Peace and Love.

Artie Phills

Grace Toney Saturday, 7/16/05, 4:19 PM
Thankfully, our family got back safely to Toronto (no turbulence) on Thursday night as scheduled, we weren't as lucky as the Wednesday travellers who got to stay in SVG a few days longer on account of hurricane Emily. Now, let's get to the point of my visit to the Village website - I just want to say thanks a million to the Reunion Steering Committee in NY/NJ and Sub-committees around the world for organizing this most memorable and enjoyable reunion that one could have hoped and prayed for. On behalf of our family and family friend, and from the bottom of all our hearts, thanks a million, gracias, merci beaucoup - I'm so glad we met on earth again before we leave for heaven. Grace and also Henry, Ulpia, Henria, Megha
From: Calliaqua

Hazeldene Phills Hercules Monday, 7/18/05, 6:59 AM
The villagers reunion was a tremendous success. As another villager said to me, it was "awesome". It was so fabulous to see so many faces that we had not seen in such a long time. How can we ever thank the Reunion Steering Committee and subcommittees for their unwavering dedication and hard work in making this reunion an enjoyable and unforgettable one? We know it was not easy and we want you to know that we sincerely appreciate all your efforts. On behalf of the Hercules family and family friend, thanks tremendously for a job well done. Hazeldene, Wendell, Michelle, Nicole, Colin Hercules and LaTonya Yelder.
From: Ratho-Mill/Rochester, NY
Hi Artie:

It was good to finally meet you.  Congratulations on a job well done!  I think all your hard work paid off.  Thank you very much.  Do you know of any good travel deals for Christmas - You did such a good job that I am planning on going back home for a few days in Christmas!

Hello ALL:

By the Grace of God Joyce and I returned safely to New York at 2:30 AM
Monday July 18, after several Airline cancellations and delays due to
Hurricane Emily in the Caribbean.

Thank you all of your hard work and time in making the Villagers Reunion the
best.  You are the "Greatest."

We had a great time which will remain in our memories for a long time.

I would like to suggest that several writers record there memories of the
events for posterity and for publication in the "Villagers Memoirs", while
the events are still fresh in their memories.  Chu, I know that you have
started yours.   As Matthew, Mark, Luke and John wrote the accounts of their
encounter with Jesus Christ on earth, before he left for Heaven,  I am sure
that other witnesses will do likewise with this Villagers Reunion 2005.  Any

Please send your comments via the "Visitors Log" section of the Villagers
Website so that others may read your comments and be encouraged to do
likewise, or send them to Artie Phills.

Peace and Love.

Joel and Joyce Toney.
466 Westminster Road
Brooklyn, New York 11218

(718) 693-8143 Fax 718-940-1311
Hi Artie:  As per your request:

The reunion was great.  Thanks and praises to the great one above.  He took us all safely to the rock, where we bonded, renewed acquaintances and got to meet the next generation; congratulations to the planners, and coodinators for a job well done.
Greetings to the brothers and sisters I missed.  I trust  we will cross path some time in the future.
Praise God for giving us this opportunity to meet and have a safe and wonderful time.
Love and best wishes to all
Edna (Vera) Hunt

Welcome back!!!. From all appearances you villagers had a BLAST. That spread at the Shindig made my palate go 'LIP LAP". However, I did not see any breadfruit on the banquet table. Chu promised me that she would eat enough breadfruit(blem) and smoke herring for both of us.

Did you devour any dry goat (dry coconut)?. What about BULL and WHEAT?. Was Juicy Joe(Guy Fox, G.V) at the reunion?.
So sorry I couldn't make it. I was there with you you guys in the spirit.

Hello Villagers

I must congratulate HAP, Cheryl, The Rev, Joel, Dr Chic, Hugh and and all the others for planning and organising what turned out to be a very successful and enjoyable reunion.  A lot of hard work was put into the planning but it was worth the effort.
Villagers, it was good to see you all again, some of you after forty plus years.We have all done reasonable well economically and have produced some beautiful children. I hope we all meet again in SVG in the next few years when we return permanently to enjoy our retirement.

Fondest regards to all

I am compel to thank the association responsible for planning the village
activities.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely.  As the local jargon says
"better than that spoil".  It just goes to show when people knock heads
together how successful could be the outcome.  I therefore, move a motion to have a villagers meet every five year; same time, same place until we are due to meet in heaven.

I advise that villagers pull some resources together to purchase a token of appreciation to the person who initiated this unique idea.
In closing, time and therefore age has not change much the appearance of the villagers.  They all seem to be having a bath in the fountain of youth.

Moulton Mayers
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 1:05 PM
Ardon(Norris) Arthur a.k.a Muckle Monday, 8/1/05, 5:05 PM
Salutations,congratulations and kudos to all my fellow villagers who attended and participated in such a great historical event. To all the organizers, you have done us all proud. This event shall be passed down to posterity. Mucks
From: The Village
On behalf of "The Toronto Villagers and friends contingent", perhaps 18 or so of us, we want to thank all those persons who worked tirelessly to put a marvellous reunion together for all of us to enjoy.  We are aware of the hard work and dedication that went into all this; neglect of familial and friendship duties, (thankfully petrol prices had not yet soared to current levels), all the negotiation with BWIA, planning the church service, long distance phone calls, being glued to computer screens to promptly provide answers to all of our questions, etc., etc.

And the home team, what a team!!!  What an organization, couldn't believe it's only and ad hoc committee - the church service and registration banquet, the Bequia trip, The Calliaqua clean-up, the Cookout,  the Shindig, and all the private home parties, dinner invites, or just plain visiting, thrown in for good measure, the "young folk" took it all in - us "older folk" took it all in stride, whatever our energy level allowed us to manage:

Thankful for the "free time" worked into our schedule, some of our party took the opportunity to drop in at Culture Pot/Karaoke, climb up La Soufriere for the very first time, others visited Trinity falls, also for the first time, and a few others made their maiden voyage up to Fort Charlotte and the Botanical gardens and bought newly made calabashes from the Tour Guide, and for most of us -
Awakened "before cock pee" by the cocks crowing in the morning, the dogs barking, mini vans speeding, we got out of our beds to sap and soak the night sweat off in the sea every morning while we "talked stuff" with other Beachcombers - we partied, we ate mangoes, roast breadfruit, boiled breadfruit, green bananas, ripe plantains, sweet potatoes, eddoes etc. etc., souce, boiled fish, fried fish, bakes, salt fish boule jowl? sugar apples, pineapples, star fruits, golden apples, cherries,  we danced, we laughed, we reminisced, we walked the streets of Calliaqua and renewed old acquaintances, and we rested, and we ate some more, we drank coconut water, and slurped the soft jelly down, then we swam, and we all lost weight, and the hurricane came, and although we were "batten down" to ride out the storm in the pitch black power outage, we prayed our flights would be delayed by the storm, but alas, get real!!!! no such luck!!

The Canadian contingent left as scheduled, thanking God for His sparing mercies, He's good all the time, we all left feeling rested and refreshed, we had been to the fountain of youth, then we came back to the other side - reality check? and everyone has been wanting to know why we are so happy with the question: "what the heck you are smiling about?"

The simple answer was and still is:

"I've been home, to the Villagers reunion!!"

Cheers and merci,


Grace (Toney) Stephens
Date: 10/11/2005 2:47:44 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
I was glad that I decided to attend the reunion after
all. It was phenomenal. I had a blast. It was awesome
and nostalgic seeing so many people from my past. I
still get goose bumps when I think of it all. I was
wonderful to be back home, but more so because I got to
hangout with so many wonderful people. Now I know that
there are others out there who like to enjoy life and
party as much as I do. I sincerely hope that we will try
to make this a 5yr event. I would do it every year if it
was up to me. Since I know that it's not possible for
many people I will settle for every few years. I usually
go home every year and I can say that St Vincent will
never be the same for me again without the Villagers.
A big "thank you" to the organizers of the reunion. You
did us all proud. Take care and God Bless

Desiree williams-Richard
Date: 10/19/05